Gabriel Benson

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Hello, I'm Gabe. I'm a free, libre, and open source software enthusiast and a (mostly web) developer. I like to spend my free time working on personal projects, playing guitar, or riding my bike.

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A slim and sexy Rottin' Tomatoes client that doesn't track you, spy on you, or shove ads in your face.


A nice (if I do say so myself) little site for guitar/bass/ukelele tabs and chords, that also doesn't track you or bombard you with ads.


A JavaScript library that implements simple notification pop-ups, the style and behavior of which can be easily configured.

Gabe's Guide

Various guides for various tasks, as written by me! Just a simple little static site where I host guides for certain tasks I think are worth writing down.


A web interface for determining optimal settings for BitTorrent clients, based on the upload speed of your internet connection.

Color Wall

Once upon a time I was in a meeting that was not particularly interesting. With my trusty laptop at hand, this is what resulted. It's pretty to look at, so perhaps it'd be great for your new screensaver!


A JavaScript library for making tables sortable by adding only a single class to existing HTML markup.


A command-line utility that aims to ease the migration of a static website into WordPress.